|eleven| Math portfolio cover

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I wanted to achieve a messy and raw looking cover as that is what I think of ‘MATH” – full of workings and scribblings. So here’s the cover, the composition composed in a way that it is focused only on the big black splatter with scribbles related to math topics.

Brush credits: Deviantart


Comment VI: Broken egg

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Hi Zhengyan!

I think the most well-captured part of this sketching is the egg itself- both the yolk and liquid white. It is interesting that you have captured the the liquidity of the egg white very well, and the egg yolk looks round and yummy too. The subtle tones are also captured very effectively using just black pens… wow, even if it is last minute work, it is still very detailed! =)


|ten| Grad Mag 08

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I contributed to the school (yay) by designing several pages of the grad mag. This time not for my class or cca or whatsoever, but for the general pages. The process was quite tedious- being bombarded with picture files, mail attachments and specific requirements and so on. So here are the snapshots of the page designs.

The first 3 are designed for the ‘Our Footprints’ section. I had an overload of pictures (huge files!)  from emails and had to selectively choose the best ones out for Sec 1 and 2 lifeskills camp. I add to ask others for pics for sec 3 programmes and sec 4 was the most tedious- I searched through blogs for pictures… the sad thing was I had no access to the official photographers’ pictures. Notice the trend that as our batch gets older, there are more pictures and it appears more cluttered. In the printed grad mag, some photos were changed and deleted due to overcrowding.

The second three are for the ‘Our Destinations’ section. Sadly speaking, they were not used. No idea why, but I guess that the template of the torn scrapbook paper is quite repetitive.

Comment V: Memories of Bordeaux 07

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cxytrixie said,

January 14, 2008 at 10:54 am

hi yiran.
yay.first to post a comment on your eportfolio. =D
The photo of the castle is really nice… the angle is interesting. I went there too with you and when you are trapped between four wals, it really feels like a frog in a well.(warning: direct translation in chinese)
and i like the trees too. they’re leafless!


Garden gnome

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Last year, for our SIA and the Nanyang ‘A Green Dot’ exhibition, we created modern garden gnomes in groups. For my group, we came up with the concept of a teenage gnome, thus it is dressed in a red Billabong hoodie and jeans. The sneakers look quite worn out though. If you look close enough, he is holding a green ipod without headphones. 

I realised that with a good foundation, it is easier to accessorize a sculpture with the clothes and everything… therefore we spent quite a long time working on the base (a cylindrical clay pot). Another challenge is the fact that we have to make our gnome three dimensional, unlike the conceptual drawings we did. Thus we had to constantly ensure that it looks proportionate and well made all round. This gnome is one of the largest sculpture project I worked on and it was real enjoyable to work with my teammates and mess around with clay rather than usual 2D media.

The gnome was exhibited at SMU with his fellow gnomes, before moving to his permanent resting place on the 3rd level of the staffroom block.

[twenty two] Paint

Posted in 2D works on September 5, 2008 by cxytrixie

I finally made a trip to my nieces’ house and brought my pretty white canvas for them to paint on. =D What I also enjoy observing about children’s work is the way they start to paint on a pretty white canvas without hesitation. They did not take any time to decide on where to start or what to draw – it is so spontaneous that we as grown ups fail to understand their thoughts.

They all started with their favourite colour pink and drew many flowers and trees – guess that is what they like. They did not really care if the paint was even, but rather focused on using colours they preferred like pink, red and yellow. I prompted them to paint on by suggesting different colours or adding objects to the sky when they were a little stuck.

I also like to trace how they draw and use their space. They both started painting the flowers, houses and grasses and proceeded upwards to the sky and flying birds and butterflies, then the balloons and raindrops, completed with the yellow sun. They didn’t really like white spaces very much, so towards the end, they, especially Erin, filled more white spaces with red and green (on the right). Pointing to the green patch, I asked what was it and they did not reply. They were very engrossed and painted in blocks of colour randomly wherever they thought it would fit in, focusing on the aesthetic appeal rather than its relevance to reality.

Erin even added a dark blue patch she claimed was a scarecrow. What was most cute was that although they were both left-handers, Erin also tried to use her right hand to paint. They did not just hold a paintbrush like we do, but roll them from sided to side in many different imaginative ways as possible! How creative! =D

This is the final work. I contributed the little yellow flower at the left end. It is the most disfigured flower out of the three. hahas.

[twenty one] Orang utan collage

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I spent a long period of time last year on making art for ‘A Green Dot’ exhibition held at SMU for Nanyang’s 90th Anniversary. The work below was supposedly for some kid’s illustration book, the story related to the environment. So I chose an animal closer and dearer to home- the orang utan =). I chose Rocky out of the 3 research drawings ad collaged it with textured/painted paper.’ Hmm… I think all of my orang utans have a blur and spastic disposition. The first two are coloured with colour pencils while the last is a pencil drawing. 

1. Arty 

2. Rocky

3. Bally

Here’s the final collage. I cut out the different portions from different textures I made using paint techniques, and then pasted the orang utan together. It is framed up in a wooden frame, thus there is reflection on the glass panel.